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Thieves and vandals around the globe don’t need to break into your office to steal your valuables and ruin your business. They operate in comfort and anonymity using far-away computer systems to hack and cause serious mayhem. UpTech360 provides enterprise-class security solutions for small and mid-size businesses with six tiers of protection:

  1. Perimeter protection with next generation firewalls for your wired and WiFi at your business locations
  2. Antivirus, antimalware, antispyware to protect computers, laptops and smart devices
  3. Secure remote connections for remote and at-home workers
  4. Multilayered email security
  5. A security operations center (SOC) for response and remediation of a cybersecurity attack
  6. A automated, monitored and daily-tested backup strategy for devices & data

Perimeter Protection:  The first layer of protection employs a next-generation firewall that provides security for both wired and WiFi connections.  Unlike the passive firewalls provided by your ISPs (Verizon/Xfinity/Optimum), we install an ‘intelligent’ firewall that scans every bit  of data passing in and out of your business location.  Next-generation firewalls have active security subscriptions that are continuously updated for known threats and even so-called ‘zero day’ threats, blocking them before they become a problem for you.  Next-gen firewalls are also configured with policies that permit or deny access to certain websites, either by specific domain name or category such as violence, gambling, drugs and so on.  Think of a next-gen firewall as a moat surrounding your business castle with a guard at the bridge crossing that checks the credentials of every visitor and every person leaving.  Security violators are detained.

Antivirus/Antimalware/Antispyware:  Next-gen firewalls are not foolproof.  To ensure your individual devices are protected we install enterprise-class antivirus software that continuously monitors and scans for threats that might make it past the firewall, or attempts to access remote devices.  Our AV solution quarantines known or suspicious threats of viruses, spyware and malware and keeps them from accessing the internet to do more harm.  The AV solution takes a new approach to protection.  Traditionally antivirus software updates its ‘definitions’ periodically as new viruses are identified and cataloged.  But you also need ‘zero day’ protection from viruses that have yet to be officially identified or may be so new they are not yet known.  Our AV software uses artificial intelligence to identify emerging threats so your devices are always ready to fend off the latest threats.

Secure Remote Connections:  Once you or your workers are outside the protective bubble of next-gen firewalls you face significant additional cybersecurity risks from co-opted WiFi, malicious websites and your workers’ surfing habits outside the office.  For laptops and remote workers, we add an additional layer of protection that mimics the capabilities of a next-gen firewall by blocking and filtering malicious websites.  This type of “DNS filtering” blocks 98% of all cybersecurity threats that could threaten work-at-home or remote users.  Depending upon your organizations needs and resources, we customize your remote access solution so it makes sense from a cost and implementation standpoint.

Multilayed Email Protection:  Email remains the #1 attack vector for cybersecurity threats.  Consequently, locking down the security of your email system is a top priority.  The security measures cited earlier are all in effect: Next-gen firewalls, antivirus, DNS filtering and so on.  But email security must be taken further.  We implement spam filtering and additional filtering for phishing attacks.  AI software review the content of emails and tags suspected phishing emails with a red alert banner that warns the recipient that the email may pose a risk.  And we actively manage quarantines for emails identified as clear and suspicious threats.  We implement organization-wide multifactor authentication that prevents hackers from taking over email accounts even if they have acquired a password.

Security Operations Center All the protections we’ve put in place still don’t guarantee 100% protection.  Hackers are clever and don’t give up.  So if you are attacked, what then?  That’s the job of a Security Operations Center or SOC.  A SOC works in conjunction with our antivirus solution as an add-on.  The add-on can detect a cyberattack on a computer or server in real-time then disconnect that system from your network and internet to prevent further harm.  An example would be a crypolocker ransomware attack that could seize your company’s critical data whether on an internal server/computer or in the cloud.  The SOC software contains the cryptoattack and alerts the SOC.  SOC technicians then work to conduct a forensic examination of the threat to understand how it works, what it has done, and what it may potentially do in the future. Once mitigated, the SOC restores the infected system(s)to operation from a backup  Additional cybersecurity measures are put in place if needed.

Managed, Automated Backup (BDR) – Every computer has a way of manually backing itself up to an external drive.  But that requires time and effort.  We provide an automated backup solution for any device that plans for the worst case scenario: a cyberattack that wipes out all your data or crypto locks it.  It’s not just backup.  It’s backup and disaster recovery (BDR).  A BDR solution allows you to turn back the clock prior to the cyberattack and restore data from that time.  Depending upon the BRD solution employed that time can be the previous day or less than an hour ago.  The backup automation alerts us behind the scenes to any issue that might interfere with a successful backup and restore.  It’s our highest priority to resolve any issue that might be affecting a clean restoration.  We have backup solutions for your servers, individual computers, shared or individual cloud storage and Office365 email and applications.

Here is a list of just some of the cybersecurity solution providers we work with:


  • OpenText
  • WebRoot
  • Datto
  • SentinelOne
  • Proofpoint
  • Ironscales
  • Sonicwall
  • Cisco
  • Unifi
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Splashtop



Reviews From Our Customers

UpTech 360 is the go to place for your business IT needs. We have been with them for a number of years now and they never fail to get us back up and running when the occasional issue arises. Whether it's a large upgrade to our infrastructure or an emergency that requires immediate attention, they have our backs. Always quick and responsive, cannot recommend them.
Matthew Lennon
Andy at Uptech360 has been an integral part of the success of my business. His solutions are exactly what we need, when we need them and very affordable.
Robert Hazelrigg
As I.T. becomes more crucial to our operations on a year to year basis, especially cyber security, UpTech 360 has been their for all our needs. Andy has been especially responsive on the rare occasions that we have I.T. emergencies.
Joseph Lembo
We couldn't be more pleased with the service we receive from Andy and UpTech 360. Always quick to respond and solve any issue that we experience. In a world that relies on zero downtime, to have a reliable company that keeps our network, emails, hardware up and running is truly priceless and we highly recommend to anyone looking for top notch IT service!
Aqua-Land Pools
Best advice at an affordable price
The Greater Ocean Township Chamber of Commerce
Uptech360 was so helpful to my staff. Thank you!
Edith Manfredi
Uptech360 have been integral part of you success setting up our business and keeping our data protected. I highly recommend Andy and his team for enterprise sized businesses.