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Business continuity is geek-speak for protecting your business with managed backups. We’re not talking about a simple thumbnail drive or external hard drive. The hazards to your data and computers can come from outside cyber threats, malicious or careless employees, or hardware and software failures, even natural disasters. UpTech360 offers iron-clad protection for your business with multiple solutions for managed data protection and disaster recovery. We tailor the solution to your needs and offer multiple levels of data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity protection. Gone are the days of backup tapes. Instead, we can backup or even ‘virtualize’ your vital systems weekly, daily, even hourly. Often we recommend a hybrid, belt-and-suspenders solution: Daily offsite backups of your critical data and a local backup that is a ‘virtual’ mirror image of your system that, in a pinch, can actually become a working system if your important server or workstation goes down. We work with world-class leaders Datto and Acronis.  We have clients who are public utilities that have no time for downtime.  We can maintain multiple versions of backups that ensure you can turn the clock back days, or even weeks, if necessary to locate a file that’s been accidentally deleted. And the key to ensuring the validity of these backups is they are MONITORED. Daily reports are generated to ensure that what you think is being backed up is ACTUALLY being backed up. We receive alerts when backups don’t pass their verification tests. It’s always a top priority to get backup issues resolved immediately.  Even a day without backup is a high wire act that’s way too risky for your organization.

Included in our offerings are:

  • Onsite solutions to network-attached storage
  • Daily offsite backups that can contain backup versions of several days, weeks or months
  • Virtualization appliances that can act as your business server if the real one crashes
  • Offsite virtualization allows you to set up shop at an alternate location if you’re hit with fire or flood
  • Backups of your cloud data to a terrestrial physical disk drive that you get hands on in the event your cloud vendor is under cyberattack
  • Microsoft/Office365 backups of email, OneDrive, Teams, and Sharepoint data.



Reviews From Our Customers

UpTech 360 is the go to place for your business IT needs. We have been with them for a number of years now and they never fail to get us back up and running when the occasional issue arises. Whether it's a large upgrade to our infrastructure or an emergency that requires immediate attention, they have our backs. Always quick and responsive, cannot recommend them.
Matthew Lennon
Andy at Uptech360 has been an integral part of the success of my business. His solutions are exactly what we need, when we need them and very affordable.
Robert Hazelrigg
As I.T. becomes more crucial to our operations on a year to year basis, especially cyber security, UpTech 360 has been their for all our needs. Andy has been especially responsive on the rare occasions that we have I.T. emergencies.
Joseph Lembo
We couldn't be more pleased with the service we receive from Andy and UpTech 360. Always quick to respond and solve any issue that we experience. In a world that relies on zero downtime, to have a reliable company that keeps our network, emails, hardware up and running is truly priceless and we highly recommend to anyone looking for top notch IT service!
Aqua-Land Pools
Best advice at an affordable price
The Greater Ocean Township Chamber of Commerce
Uptech360 was so helpful to my staff. Thank you!
Edith Manfredi
Uptech360 have been integral part of you success setting up our business and keeping our data protected. I highly recommend Andy and his team for enterprise sized businesses.